Server Status

Register Status: Online
Online Player: 5
Maximal Player 1000
Cap 90
Race CH / EU
Exp Rate 3x
PT Exp Rate 6x
SP Rate 1x
Drop Rate 1x
Gold Drop Rate 1x
Alchemy Rate 1x
PC Limit 3
IP Limit 3



  • Ratajkowski has Killed Isyutaru 6:39:50 ago
  • FallenAngel has Killed Captain Ivy 6:47:4 ago
  • N3xT has Killed Cerberus 6:52:36 ago
  • FallenAngel has Killed Tiger Girl 7:4:45 ago
  • RipRunner has Killed Lord Yarkan 7:12:47 ago
  • Xaero has Killed Uruchi 7:28:37 ago
  • I_LaCra_I has Killed Cerberus 8:38:11 ago
  • SimplyBrowN has Killed Demon Shaitan 8:42:14 ago
  • so1 has Killed Isyutaru 8:49:3 ago
  • EmDeKappa has Killed Captain Ivy 8:53:31 ago

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